September 6: HumanKind Fair Trade

HumanKind Fair Trade (982 Monterey St.) welcomes artist Holly Beals for an Art After Dark show on September 6. Holly is a mixed media artist who believes that everyone needs a bit of lively color in their lives! Her work is heavily influence by the years she spent living in Tibet, and she often incorporates photographs of Tibet into her compositions. She says, “The creative work that I do will forever be flavored by my experiences on ‘the roof of the world.’” So stop by to see Holly’s work! As always, snacks and drinks are provided, and we will have live music by the fun folk-rock band, Impromptu!

"Mountain Cottage" Holly Beals

“Mountain Cottage”
Holly Beals

Information from the artist:

INSPIRATION. It’s both the HOW and WHY when it comes to my passion for creating. When things around me inspire my creative instincts, my brain starts buzzing with ideas and I have to put them down on something. In my case, it’s typically some sort of wood surface that I throw my ideas over.

THINGS THAT INSPIRE ME: Creation, travel, other cultures, memories or experiences from the past, intense emotions, rich color pallets, and I could go on.

HOW I HOPE TO INSPIRE: I’m convinced that everyone needs a little lively color in their lives and I hope to provide some of it, as well as to honor the Creator of all this beauty that surrounds us in nature.

Techniques used in my work include linoleum block printing, mixed-media and découpage. Photos I took in Tibet are incorporated into the work, as well as some of my own patterns. I generally work on wood panels and have found the hard, smooth surface to be a wonderful “canvas.”

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“Night Rose Garden”
Holly Beals